My Story

Greetings! My name is Chef Nardia and I am the founder of The Lovely Roots Gourmet. In a way, you can say I am The Self-Love Gourmet. I believe that the foods and drinks we consume each day affect all areas of our lives. Those daily dietary decisions produce immediate and long-term effects—be they mental, physical, spiritual, social or economical. Like a tree's roots, our body is the foundation for our life


I have dedicated my life to encouraging people and especially women to nurture their lovely roots. Being a wombman, daughter, sister, aunt, mom and wife, I know first hand the need for this unconditional self love and the positive effects it has on the whole body, family and society at large. 


My professional career began in the medical field. For over ten years, I witnessed first-hand the direct effect people’s food choices and emotional health had on their overall health and happiness. I also noticed that preventative, holistic practices never seemed to be the first choice of care. Many people were either unaware of these 'alternative' approaches, or it wasn't an option because insurance companies won't cover those practices. Unsatisfied, I decided to make a change in my career path and continuing education. 


I made the conscious decision to return to my own Lovely Roots and follow my culinary passions. I attended and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Boston in 2011, intent on teaching people how to cook delicious and healthy food. I also received training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified Health Coach. I'm a firm believer in lifelong learning, so I'm currently working on my Culinary Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital at Harvard Medical School.


My upbringing has had a profound and lasting impact on my approach. I was born in Comfort Hall, a small farming community in the lush Jamaican countryside. Growing up in an environment surrounded by farmers and cooks, I developed a true appreciation for a natural, farm-to-table, eat-to-live lifestyle. 

In 2013, I established the Lovely Roots Gourmet (now Healthy Life Private Chef Service), serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in South Florida. At Healthy Life, we incorporate tasty, health-conscious foods into our client’s daily lives and help motivate them to return to their "Lovely Roots"— a state of natural well-being.


I 've had the pleasure of cooking for Vice President Al Gore and several NBA, MLB and NFL athletes. More than anything, I enjoy coaching and cooking for women and their families (including my own!), helping them to craft and enjoy healthy, wholesome meals that are delicious and fun!

Currently I'm living in my beautiful homeland of Jamaica with my loving husband and our 3 wonderful boys. I look forward to connecting with you soon. I wish you the very best of love, health and happiness! 

Chef Nardia

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